Some dads make a sandcastle .... when my children were little I made mermaids, turtles and pyramids with snakes on the beach.

People took pictures and we received compliments.

Never could I imagine that I would find a new hobby and finally my passion in this way.

I decided to take a sand sculpture course at the Sand Academy in Zoetermeer and Scheveningen.

I learned the tricks of the trade.

Soon after the training I was allowed to work on major projects ... at first as an assistant.
At home I had made my own practice sandbox and created my own sculptures one after the other.

In 2013 I decided to create my new found passion in stone. Since then, I have created several stone sculptures under the guidance of Andre van Veghel, my friend, teacher and top sculptor.

Am I good .... no, I don't think I am "that" good! Am I passionate .... yes, I can enjoy the process of creating "something" out of nothing.



2005 - Present: sand sculptures 

Sand Academy Zoetermeer the Nethelands

2013 - Present: stone sculptures

Sculpture atelier Vandre Helmond the Netherlands